Think of the pieces you have stored away that you love, but you can't use because they look too rundown...
tables, chairs, headboards, dressers, buffets...
imagine if they could not only be a part of your room once more, but the piece that everyone now notices and admires?
we can help you breathe new life into your vintage furniture. 
after all, old dogs can learn new tricks.

painting new life into old pieces

What we offer:
Paint (Melange or Benjamin Moore color match)
Stain (flat tops only)
Fine finishes like barn wood, Antiquing and Distressing

furniture can be dropped off & finished in store or if your piece is very large, we can complete at your home (don't worry, we clean up after ourselves)

Job is started 7:30am and finished in a few hours.
Place in room and admire!

love your new look


Pick a color! You can do this on your own or with help from our interior designer.

color time!


Provide furniture contract thru email for on-site jobs. Then book a date with completion of contract and 20% deposit.



Contact us via phone or email for a price quote.



contact us

Thank you for the great work, we love our pieces already!

before * after

before * after

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